Delrin® Sponsoring Plastics in Motion 2024

Provides opportunity to reinforce strengths, products and commitment to automotive industry

Wilmington, DE – February 15, 2024 – Delrin® is announcing that it is a proud sponsor of the Plastics in Motion 2024 conference. Automotive decision makers and industry leaders will gather at this premiere event in Savannah, Georgia March 4-6 to meet with suppliers to discuss new materials and technologies and explore both existing and novel alliances and opportunities.

Visibility as a sponsor of this conference will help Delrin® reinforce its brand and offering to the automotive industry. Delrin® is a key ingredient in many of the moving parts that keep vehicles safe on the road – from gears and motors powering key functions to flexing, low-friction door and seatbelt systems. 

“Automotive leaders around the world count on Delrin® to deliver reliability, safety, and performance,” said Guillaume Doy, Marketing Lead for Delrin®. “The automotive industry continues to play a large role in the growth of our business and we look forward to talking to valued customers and strategic prospects about how we can positively impact the future of mobility together.”

Delrin® representatives will be in attendance to talk about the company’s new ownership, its solutions for the automotive industry, sustainability initiatives, and continuing strengths in manufacturing, application development and technical service support.

About Delrin®

Delrin® is an industry leading premium industrial polymer business. Grounded in strong innovation, Delrin® is a category creator with a longstanding reputation for quality, reliability, supply, and product performance. The iconic Delrin® brand, coupled with proprietary technology and deep application expertise make us a leader in the high-end engineering polymer market. Delrin® has exciting growth prospects from exposure to automation, actuation, healthcare, mobility, and consumer applications.

Media Contact:

John Lenox, Communications Lead, Delrin