Delrin® is proud to announce the donation of Delrin® RA100CPE to LIMBS International, Inc.

Delrin, an industry leading premium industrial polymer business, is proud to announce the donation of Delrin® RA100CPE, a renewably attributed acetal homopolymer, to LIMBS International, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that designs and manufactures ultra low-cost full prosthetic leg systems that are then provided, along with a rehabilitation program, to amputees in underserved countries across the globe. The amount of donated Delrin® RA100CPE acetal homopolymer will enable the production of approximately 1,000 LIMBS Knees.

Delrin® RA100CPE is used in the making of the knee systems of the prosthetic legs. Due to Delrin® homopolymer unique properties, Delrin® RA100CPE meets the prosthetic knee’s demanding requirements for high stiffness, dimensional stability, wear resistance over millions of flexing cycles, low friction, and excellent creep resistance.

“At Delrin, we care about our community and we’re very proud that our donation will help LIMBS transform lives.” said Juergen Pongratz, President and CEO of Delrin.

Delrin® RA100CPE, is a sustainability leader in its product category; it is produced using 100 percent bio feedstock, 100 percent certified renewable electricity and steam sourced via municipal waste energy recovery. It offers the same quality, performance, processing and sensory experience as its fossil-based equivalent. Delrin® RA material production is certified according to the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) mass balance certification.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 30 million amputees lack access to prosthetics due to high costs, limited availability, and scarcity of support services. LIMBS International is the only non-profit organization that provides a full leg prosthetic system and a rehabilitation program for amputees.

“LIMBS believes that every individual – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, or nationality – deserves love, compassion, respect​, and the opportunity to become a productive member of society. Every day we work to give people hope and a chance for a better life. This generous donation from Delrin will go a long way towards helping us achieve our vital mission” said Lucas Galey, MS, PhD Executive Director of LIMBS.

About Delrin

Delrin® is an industry leading premium industrial polymer business. Grounded in strong innovation, Delrin® is a category creator with a longstanding reputation for quality, reliability, supply and product performance. The iconic Delrin® brand, coupled with proprietary technology and deep application expertise make us a leader in the high-end engineering polymer market. Delrin® has exciting growth prospects from exposure to automation, actuation, healthcare, mobility and consumer applications.

About LIMBS International, Inc

Founded in 2004, LIMBS International engages communities and transforms lives through affordable, sustainable prosthetic solutions and rehabilitation services in developing countries. In 2012, LIMBS formed a partnership with University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), opening a R&D lab in the College of Engineering. LIMBS also works with many international clinics, NGOs, and other community groups.