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Transforming industries and improving lives through materials science

In this fast-changing, highly competitive landscape, Delrin® is collaborating and innovating with customers and suppliers to accelerate progress on our sustainability goals – and yours. How can we help you?

Need a Lifecycle Assessment?

One of the most rewarding things we do is help customers with product lifecycle assessments. When our researchers analyze the environmental aspects associated with a product over its lifetime, they identify opportunities to modify materials, processes, and designs for optimum use while also minimizing GWP.

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Case Studies & Related Content

Get an in-depth look at how our products are currently at work helping customers meet and exceed their sustainability and performance goals.

Image of a robot vacuum cleaner in the foreground of a modern home

Sustainable Solutions for Robot Vacuums

Our easy-to-process, high-performance polymers can lower the carbon footprint of durable components.

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Female hands fasten the seat belt in the car. Conception of safe driving

Delrin® Components Enhance Safety Restraint Systems

The DuPont Delrin® portfolio of polymers provides the foundation for collaboration between DuPont and Autoliv.

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A group of students interacting collaboratively with a wooden board with gears

Delrin® Supports STEAM Day at Atlanta School

Hundreds of elementary students learn how gears work thanks to Delrin® team members.

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Serving the Food and Water Industries

We optimize a range of materials for components that interact with water and food.

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Delrin® Gears for E-Bikes Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

E-bike gears can be made from Delrin® Renewable Attributed, which helps customers meet their sustainability goals.

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Delrin® Team Earns Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency Award

Process improvements demonstrate steps toward goal on carbon neutrality

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Conveyor belt, juice in glass bottles in automated machine equipment on beverage factory, close up

Customers Achieve Breakthroughs with Delrin®

We helped Regina develop a new bottling conveyor material that avoids the need for lubricants.

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Delrin® Team Earns Third Responsible Care® Award

At the Washington Works facility, they continue to demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability.

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Introducing Delrin® Renewable Attributed

Our newest sustainable material offers all the benefits of Delrin® while managing your global footprint.

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