American Chemistry Council Recognizes DuPont™ Delrin® Manufacturing Site with Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency Award for a Second Year in a Row

 Michael Chisholm, Kelli Anderson, Jim Lawson, and Scott Carmicle found important sustainability opportunities.

Process improvements demonstrate steps toward goal on carbon neutrality

Congratulations to the Delrin® team for their agility and insight. What began as an energy improvement program resulted in delivering many additional benefits at the Washington Works Delrin® manufacturing facility in West Virginia, U.S. The project has now received the prestigious Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency Award from the American Chemistry Council. This is the second year in a row that the Washington Works team has earned such recognition.

Through testing and analyzing processes for energy efficiency opportunities, the Delrin® team discovered an unknown relationship between a distillation column and an acid control system. The team’s focus quickly pivoted from energy efficiency to better understanding the process chemistry and control systems. Swift implementation of a new distillation and acid control solution not only improved energy efficiency well beyond the original target, but also ensures best quality production and increased production capacity—all reducing the absolute or per unit emissions of the process.


Sustainability focus delivers results

As a result, this project has reduced absolute emissions by over 1,700 tons CO2e every year, equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 2,111 acres of forest.  

“When we start to look at everything through the lens of sustainability, we begin to see the benefits we can bring to the planet and to our business,” said Michael Chisholm, project team leader. “As part of our commitment to sustainability, we challenge ourselves to find ways to reduce our energy consumption. This mindset will help us as we move toward our carbon neutrality goals.”

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