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Delrin® helps consumers achieve smarter, healthier, and better living.

From appliances and sporting goods to medical and healthcare, Delrin® can play a material role in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions.

Performance Comes to Life

Delrin® is the material of choice for consumer goods designers seeking reliable, versatile performance. It enhances parts with these key properties:

  • High strength and stiffness without fillers
  • Low friction for smooth operation
  • Low noise
  • Excellent flex and spring back
  • Long life fatigue performance

Consumer Segments

Man using electric coffee grinder in kitchen, closeup

Home Appliances

Partnering with customers to develop solutions that enable more possibilities for smart, quiet, space efficient appliances.

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Hiker snowshoeing in winter mountains during sunny day

Sporting Goods

Helping create the sporting goods that athletes can rely on for performance, safety, and comfort.

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A zoomed in image of a woman managing respiratory symptoms with inhaler

Medical & Healthcare

Helping manufacturers solve both technical and regulatory challenges with high-performance medical-grade resins

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Delrin® Renewable Attributed

Base polymer produced using 100% bio-feedstock from waste according to ISCC mass balance certification, Delrin® Renewable Attributed provides the same performance and reliability as Delrin® with a reduced carbon footprint.

A child pours clean water from the faucet into a clear glass cup

Sustainable Food and Water Solutions

Renewable grades of Delrin® are approved for food and water contract.

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