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Advancing sustainability through world-class environmental impact profile

As part of our 2030 Sustainability Goals, a new, sustainable portfolio of Delrin® has been added to the brand family. Delrin® Renewable Attributed (RA) base polymer is produced from 100% bio-feedstock from waste according to ISCC Plus mass balance certification. With a world-class environmental impact profile and a low carbon footprint, Delrin® Renewable Attributed offers excellent durability and reliability for less waste in part replacement. It is produced from 100% certified renewable electricity, steam-sourced via municipal waste energy recovery, and offers the same quality, performance, processing, and sensory experience as Delrin®. This makes it easy for customers to adopt as they work toward their own sustainability goals. Continuing the Delrin® reputation, Delrin® Renewable Attributed enables lightweighting, integration of functions, and the highest levels of part performance.

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Improved footprint

Improvement in CO2e footprint and reduced usage of non-renewable resources

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Bio-feedstock from second-generation sources, not in competition with the food and feed chain, and 100% certified renewable electricity used for production

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Bio attributed

Base polymer produced from 100% certified bio-feedstock from waste according to mass balance

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By ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)

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Enables lightweight, comfort, and safety

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Enables environmentally friendly parts

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Improved patient comfort and safety

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Higher manufacturing yields and increased productivity, quality, and durability