Delrin® Facility Wins Exceptional Recognition for Sustainability

The American Chemistry Council recognizes energy efficiencies at Washington Works

DuPont’s Washington Works production facility was awarded the prestigious Responsible Care™ Energy Efficiency award from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in 2020. The DuPont™ Delrin® manufacturing unit was one of the recipients of the “Exceptional Merit” award. 

Leaders worked to optimize Delrin® production productivity and achieved six percent improvement in energy efficiency. This corresponds to an annualized reduction of 8,200 tons of CO2e which is the equivalent of removing 1,800 cars from the road for one year. 

The Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards program is among ACC’s many initiatives to improve energy efficiency. Member companies are required to consider operational energy efficiency as well as waste minimization, reuse and recycling when developing their environmental, health, safety, and security plans.