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Delrin® material science helps drive manufacturing forward on productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

From material handling systems to the gears and wheels that make robots go, Delrin® enables innovations that lead to higher yields, lower costs, and more sustainable operations.

High-Performance Properties

Delrin® creates reliable parts that offer advanced slip technology with an extremely low coefficient of friction—all with high mechanical strength and fatigue resistance. More key properties:

  • Smooth operation
  • Low noise
  • Excellent flex and spring back

Industrial Segments

Factory production line with green bottles on yellow conveyor belt

Material Handling

Food contact compliance makes Delrin® a leader for bottling and sorting conveyors. Friction modifiers reduce energy use.

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A robotic arm positioned over a conveyor belt of manufacturing parts


Delrin® is the industry choice for robotic gears, wheels, and castors.

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Delrin® Renewable Attributed

Base polymer produced using 100% bio-feedstock from waste according to ISCC mass balance certification, Delrin® Renewable Attributed provides the same performance and reliability as Delrin® with a reduced carbon footprint.

A group of robotic arms over an industrial conveyor belt

Regina e-F.A.S.T.

Driving productivity and sustainability for high-speed filling lines.

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