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Delrin® helps meet the demands of automation and improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

With the explosion of e-commerce and greater demand for automation, the design of material handling systems—including bottling and sorting conveyors—has never been so important. Delrin® transforms your conveyor belts to boost productivity and efficiency.

Maximize Manufacturing Yield

Delrin® can hypercharge your operation—offering great balance, high stiffness, and strength with lighter weight. Available in special grades with long lasting low friction, Delrin® can greatly reduce wear, enabling industrial customers to maximize their manufacting yield.


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Bottling Conveyors

Delrin® is food contact compliant, with excellent tribological and mechanical properties for high productivity and longevity.


Delrin® Renewable Attributed

Base polymer produced using 100% bio-feedstock from waste according to ISCC mass balance certification, Delrin® Renewable Attributed provides the same performance and reliability as Delrin® with a reduced carbon footprint.

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