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Innovation in mobile, industrial, and collaborative robots demands durable materials for non-stop performance.

Key to robotic productivity and profitability is the reliability of every component. Delrin® is a proven material for high-intensity robotics applications.

The Right Material to Propel Robots

From drive gears, gear sets, and bearing cages to wheels and casters, we offer solutions that are tough and durable under demanding conditions. Delrin® is a leading material for gears and other robotic parts that need low wear, friction, and noise. Key properties include:

  • Strong and resistant to fatigue and wear
  • Low coefficient of friction and noise
  • Low moisture pick-up and dimensionally stable


minimalist line art icon featuring three interconnected gears


Delrin® replaces metal gears to lighten the load and reduce noise while delivering top performance.

minimalist line art icon of a wheel with left and right horizontal arrows to indicate low friction movement

Wheels & Casters

Delrin® wheels and casters keep robots moving for longer.


Delrin® Renewable Attributed

Base polymer produced using 100% bio-feedstock from waste according to ISCC mass balance certification, Delrin® Renewable Attributed provides the same performance and reliability as Delrin® with a reduced carbon footprint.

a metal wheel with contrasting white gears

Replacing Metal, Reducing Weight

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