Delrin® Gears for E-bikes Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Greenhouse gases are directly linked to global warming and in Europe, transportation is responsible for an estimated 30% of the total. Working toward a goal of becoming carbon neutral in 2050², the European Union urges everyone to find more sustainable mobility.


Delrin® is the material of choice for plastic gears in e-bike motors. Thanks to its unique combination of high fatigue lifetime at low weight, low noise, and low wear properties as compared to metal, Delrin® helps ensure a quiet and smooth driving experience for e-bike users. 

Additionally, gears can be made from Delrin® Renewable Attributed, which helps customers meet their sustainability goals because it is made from renewable feedstock, has the potential to be up to 100% recycled, and is a good candidate for closed loop business models. Delrin® Renewable Attributed also contributes to sustainable design by enabling lightweighting and functional integration with potential cost and environmental savings. It is manufactured in a facility that is powered by renewable electricity with outstanding resource and water management. 

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