Delrin® Drives Productivity and Sustainability for High Speed Filling Lines

Delrin® Renewable Attributed homopolymer with advanced slip technology played a key role in the development of a break- through conveyor material for bottling and other filling operations that avoids the need for traditional external lubri- cants. The Regina e-F.A.S.T. (ecological friction abating sliding thermoplastic) material was developed by Delrin in close collabo- ration with Regina Chain, a global leader in conveyor chains, belts and components.

Low-Friction, Low-Noise Delrin® Unleashes the Power in OPPO’s Smartphone with Pivot-rising Camera

In 2018, through partnership with the OPPO Research and Development team, Delrin learned that this global smartphone maker was designing an innovative pivot-rising camera that would slide up from a hidden position on the top of a smartphone, the series we now call Reno.

Delrin® Components Meet Strict Standards for Life-Saving Automotive Safety Restraint Systems

The Delrin portfolio of polymers—proven for over 60 years to work in demanding safety applications—provides the foundation for collaboration between Delrin and Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier.