Delivering Solutions to Global Challenges

Our plastics are essential innovations that allow humans to thrive. Across the automotive, consumer, industrial, and electronics industries, we understand the major sustainability challenges our customers face.

By 2030, we aim to have our innovation portfolio aligned to meaningfully advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, prioritizing climate action, circular economy, and health and safety.

Through the expertise and creative power of our people we are developing solutions that are enabling the transformation of our customers’ industries, through what we call maximizing the handprint (of enabling solutions). At the same time, we are working to reduce the footprint of our product portfolio while still delivering performance characteristics for lightweighting, durability, and safety.

Our activities focus on delivering solutions for global challenges:

  • Deepening market and customer insights to develop sustainable solutions aligned with customer expectations
  • Embedding sustainability into our innovation and portfolio strategy to innovate solutions that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Developing a portfolio sustainability assessment approach that enables us to define key performance indicators and measure progress