Washington Works Delrin® Team Celebrates a Third Consecutive Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency Award

Congratulations again go to the Delrin® team at the Washington Works site near Parkersburg, West Virginia, US. For the third consecutive year, this group has won recognition from the American Chemistry Council for their exceptional environmental, health, safety, and security performance.

Delrin® engineers are always looking for improvement opportunities. This year’s project addressed a reliability risk and converted it into an opportunity for improvement in energy efficiency when one of the chiller systems was due for an overhaul. Rather than take a risk on a process that could have required extensive downtime, the team proposed an upgraded replacement at the cutting edge of refrigeration technology. Since upgrading, Delrin® has recorded a 68% annual energy savings in the Chiller system and an annualized net CO2 and other GHG emissions reduction of 3,900 tons of CO2 equivalent -- the same effect as taking 840 passenger vehicles off the road for one year!


The entire Delrin® team continues to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, positioning the brand as an industry leader with sustainable processes and end-use applications. Additional recognition has come from the 2021 R&D 100 Award and 2022 Gold Edison Award wins for Delrin® Renewable Attributed.