Discover the Ease of Machining Delrin®

a closeup of a precision cutting machine over a pile of material shavings

Prototype with confidence! Delrin® offers the opportunity to machine prototype gears that will have close performance to a molded gear.

This is unlike machining glass filled resins which result in fiber orientation that’s very different from a molded part.

Delrin® is an easy material to work with in terms of machining. It is a stable material and cuts very well, which makes precise, tight tolerances easier to achieve.

To get the best prototype results:

  • Design for Delrin®. Keep an even wall thickness and include fillet radii, especially if your prototype part will be molded in production.
  • Keep cool. While machining, remember that Delrin® is sensitive to heat at or above 250°F (121°C).
  • Stay sharp. Maintain a sharp cutting edge. Use of cutting lubricant will help maintain a precision cutting edge.
  • Clamp lightly. While Delrin is stiff it’s still a plastic; light clamping will avoid surface damage.

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