Acting on Climate

In our own operations and along the entire value chain, we are committed to making a difference by reducing our impact on the environment.

At a global level, we are dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 30% by 2030. We’re doing this by improving the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes, exploring low carbon technologies, and switching to a minimum of 60% of our electricity from renewable sources.

Our activities to act on climate include:

  • Reducing the footprint of our own operations with an emphasis on:
    • Continuously improving global manufacturing processes for energy efficiency
    • Transitioning to electricity from renewable energy
    • Investigating new technologies
  • Engaging with suppliers to improve sustainability performance in our supply chain, especially reducing the CO2 footprint of our raw materials
  • Innovating to enable our customers to reduce their climate impact (e.g., lightweighting and electrification in the automotive industry)