Enhancing Safety and Transparency

Every day we commit to our core value of health and safety, ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and contractors around the world. This is our Commitment to Zero.

We are striving for world-class health and safety performance across all our operations, which means we are aiming for zero injuries, zero occupational illnesses, and zero incidents every day.

For our products, it is our goal to ensure they are safe to use and comply with laws and regulations such as REACH. As we innovate toward a sustainable tomorrow, we must apply green chemistry principles to develop solutions that are safer by design.

Our activities to enhance safety and transparency include:

  • Delivering world-class health and safety performance in our operations
  • Creating safer materials and technology, considering green chemistry principles such as implementing an enhanced chemical management policy that includes substances of concern
  • Increasing product transparency with initiatives such as a public online portal that delivers product regulatory information