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Delrin® Acetal Resin E-Grades for Low VOC Automotive Applications

January 1, 2023

Delrin® acetal resin, the world’s first acetal polymer, is a highly versatile engineering polymer which offers an excellent balance of desirable properties that bridges the gap between metals and ordinary plastics.

Delrin® Components Meet Strict Standards for Life-Saving Automotive Safety Restraint Systems

The Delrin portfolio of polymers—proven for over 60 years to work in demanding safety applications—provides the foundation for collaboration between Delrin and Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier.

Delrin® Delivers in Healthcare

Greater design freedom for medical product engineers. Lasting device performance for patients. Delrin® is here to make a material difference in care.

Delrin® Design Guide Mod 3

Delrin®, the world’s first acetal resin, is a highly versatile engineering plastic with metal-like proper- ties.

Delrin® Drives Productivity and Sustainability for High Speed Filling Lines

Delrin® Renewable Attributed homopolymer with advanced slip technology played a key role in the development of a break- through conveyor material for bottling and other filling operations that avoids the need for traditional external lubri- cants. The Regina e-F.A.S.T. (ecological friction abating sliding thermoplastic) material was developed by Delrin in close collabo- ration with Regina Chain, a global leader in conveyor chains, belts and components.

Delrin® for High-quality Home Appliances

January 8, 2024

Design and develop more efficient, sustainable and durable home appliance systems to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Delrin® Gears for E-bikes Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

January 1, 2023

Delrin® Gears for E-bikes Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Challenge Greenhouse gases are directly linked to global warming and in Europe, transportation is responsible for an estimated 30% of the total. Working toward a goal of becoming carbon neutral in…

Delrin® Molding Guide

Delrin® POM thermoplastic resins and other DuPont thermoplastic resins may be processed on conventional injection molding machines using standard industry practices. Specific attention to processing details will enhance quality and productivity.

Delrin® Performance Materials

Depending on the specific application, Delrin can deliver an appropriate solution from its broad range of standard products, or from its portfolio of “Special Control” (SC) and “Premium Control” (PC) grades, which are differentiated by a greater degree of testing, manufacturing control and regulatory support.

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